denis13It is often asked,  “What can I expect when Denis Chapman comes to minister?” And that is a very good and important question.  First maybe we should say what it is not.  It is not a string of sermons sandwiched between songs.  There is no theology or denominational dogma presented.  However, the objective is a ministry where God’s message of love is the theme woven into the entire program.

The genre used to accomplish this includes:

  • Songs (spirituals, ballads, standard favorites, hymns and new compositions).
  • Dramatic readings (poems, stories, and scriptures).
  • Personal experiences.
  • A dash of humor tossed in for flavor.

The program is presented in a very professional manner but not haughty or removed.  Warmth and sincerity are motivating factors.  

Even though Chapman has performed for large and small audiences, for many years, and in many countries and many different surroundings; he presents each program as being his most important.  Chapman’s philosophy of ministry is simple: “I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life and I want people to leave the program glad they have been there.”  

So what can you expect from a visit by Denis Chapman?  Whether it’s one song or a complete program, you can expect warmth, sincerity, love and a desire to represent God humbly, effectively and professionally.